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the awake series
transformational group sessions online 


why these series?

Whether you're navigating challenges or pursuing dreams, the sessions offer an opportunity to explore beyond common narratives, tap into intuition and reveal hidden aspects of the dynamics at play.
This newfound awareness liberates you and paves the way for new paths towards a fulfilling existence marked by greater ease, health, prosperity, and joy. 

Ultimately, that's about unlocking the depths of your highest potential and accessing your highest wisdom.

what's covered?

Focused on critical for the quality of your life domains like health, wellbeing, money, career, relationships, family dynamics, dealing with life's changes, or creating positive impact
Designed to support you in facilitating a shift with the most stubborn issues you face, which reduce the quality of your life and stand on the way of your dreams. 

how is it different?

Designed with love, integrity, intuition and inspiration, this offering reflects my gifts, as well as the knowledge and wisdom I've gained from navigating life's challenges and transformations, and from my continuous commitment to learning and discovery
Uses a holistic approach to go into the root causes of recurring challenges, steering away from conventional industrialized methods that only scratch the surface.


the themes


focused on revealing intergenerational issues and related hidden dynamics that impact the quality of our life, healing of trauma and integration.


focused on revealing the hidden dynamics of chronic pain (like migraine), chronic illnesses and addictions, and in supporting healthy habits.


focused on revealing the hidden dynamics behind chronic issues with money, career, business, prosperity, and support in bringing abundance in all aspects of life.

kama muta

focused on revealing hidden dynamics that impact and support the quality of our relationships, as well as our connectedness with each other and Nature. 


focused on supporting healthier and easier ways of going through all of  life's change, as well as whispering change into being, and creating positive impact.


key aspects


Each group of sessions is based on one of the above five themes. Within that theme, participants work with common limiting beliefs, and the specific issues they face in their life. They also get exposed to how other people experience issues around that theme which is known to be  beneficial them as well.


Although the facilitator plans the sessions, they are alive, unpredictable and uniquely different. Participants are adviced to approach participation with an open mind, no assumptions and expectations, and a genuine desire to be open to what is ready to be revealed, trusting that is what's most important for them right now.


The sessions are based on the principles of Family and Systemic Constellations and are transformational. The exact effects and shifts happen sometimes on the spot, sometimes later, and their scope and magnitude is deeply personal and unpredictable. WIth that said, participants usually report shifts with far reaching positive impact on their lives.


highlighted testimonials



" Wow, what a great enlightening session it was I had with you Natalia today. I find it incredible that there is this field of consciousness where we can all tap into, and learn so much."



"The session helped me recognize where I was blocked... and understand the path to follow to attract money without losing the purpose in my life."


"Natalia is living proof that the leaders of the new world emerging are those who bring others together to reconcile the past and create a new paradigm for supporting one another. Brilliant!"


"Natalia helped us see underlying dynamics that were not visible to us before. Once that happened, as if magically our next steps became clear."



"I am so grateful! Words fail me! I felt a new connection to myself and Nature in ways that were magic, beautiful and hopeful." - Management Consultant, USA


signing up

Let this Sacred Journey Begin Now

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180 CHF for 3 x 90 min group sessions 

200 CHF for a one-on-one session

80 USD for an annual subscription to my paid Substack newsletter (app. 70 CHF)

Consequent work: 100 CHF per hour

BEST VALUE: 359 CHF for a package deal including all three services. (20% Savings)


  • The fees are payable in advance through PayPal. Contact me if you are interested in a bank transfer.

  • The facilitator retains the right to cancel sessions, as well as revoke individual participation. In any such case all  remaining funds will be reimbursed.


Each group commits to 3 sessions of 2 hrs.
Sessions are usually on the weekend, but other dates may be set on demand.

Sessions are experiential and include individual and group activities. Participants need to be present with their cameras switched on. There are no recordings.

transfer & guarantee

  • Payments are non-refundable but can be transferred to another date not later than 3 days before the first session.

  • If you participate in all sessions in good faith and find yourself dissatisfied, you are entitled to a 100% money-back guarantee.


still wondering if this is for you?


are you dealing with chronic and persistent issues?

YES, these sessions are for you IF you are tired of dealing over and over again with recurring issues despite your efforts, particularly in critical domains that impact the quality of your life as health, wellbeing, money, prosperity, and relationships.

are you having an addictive or automatic behavior? 

YES, these sessions are for you
IF you are tired of feeling as if pulled by invisible hands, or if you find yourself easily triggered by certain events or people. Also, if you struggle with addictive behavior that you can't control, these sessions are also suitable for you.

does life feel too hard or is
joy totally missing?

YES, these sessions are for you 
IF you are successful according to society's measures, and yet something significant, such as the joy of living, is missing. Also, if things consistently require huge effort, or if the impact is lacking, these sessions are also for you.

Unleashing your Human Advantage for an era dominated by AI and machines by tapping into new ways of knowing, deepening your connectedness, and awakening your human powers.

Individual & Family Constellations | Business Constellations | Societal Constellations 

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