I create opportunities for us to deepen our understanding of our reality, tap into our innate wisdom and collective intelligence, and consciously participate in shaping our own future.

I am driven by the dream of reimagining how we work together and my belief in the power of coaching, communities and collaboration to awaken connectedness, consciousness and collective intelligence, inspire the transformation of leaders and changemakers, and nurture the co-creation of the more beautiful workplaces we all long for.

Natalia Blagoeva

Why the focus on workplaces?

How we approach work and how we lead, learn, and listen in the workplace has a profound and direct impact on what we breathe, drink, eat, build, produce, how we heal, play, and evolve together, on the quality of our lives now and for future generations.

What do I know for sure?

I know that the world will be a better place if we change focus from what we try to avoid to what we want to bring into reality. I know that by learning to hold opposite perspectives, we can find fresh solutions to our toughest challenges. I know also that when we connect heart-to-heart, we discover our shared humanity, as well as novel possibilities and meaning.

What inspires me?

I am fascinated with the magic role of intuition and inspiration in my life, and I love it when things happen as if magically "through me" and "as me", as opposed to "by me" and "to me". I am also fascinated with the power of collective intelligence and the unique role of women today.

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In Jan 2020, I founded WomenH2H- a global heart-centered community of women influencers and changemakers mastering together new approaches to work and co-creating vibrant waves of human energy leading the way for the evolution of our workplaces and the betterment of humanity.

Our Vision? The evolution of our workplaces  and betterment of humanity by integrating life, joy, balance, meaning and wonder back in the workplace.


This quote of Margaret J Wheatley explains the magic that inspires me as a changemaker:

We don't need to convince large numbers of people to change; instead, we need to connect with kindred spirits. Through these relationships, we will develop the new knowledge, practices, courage, and commitment that lead to broad-based change.

This system of influence possesses qualities and capacities that were unknown in the individuals. It isn't that they were hidden; they simply don't exist until the system emerges. They are properties of the system, not the individual, but once there, individuals possess them. And the system that emerges always possesses greater power and influence than is possible through planned, incremental change.

Emergence is how Life creates radical change and takes things to scale. Emergence has a life-cycle. It begins with networks, shifts to intentional communities of practice and evolves into powerful systems capable of global influence.



Inspiring the Next Step of Your Journey. Provoking You to Thrive, Prosper and Scale Your Impact.



Feel Awesome. Expand Influence. Scale Your Impact. Lead Change with Grace and Confidence.

As a highly experienced international entrepreneur, organizational leader and an Executive Coach, Natalia knows how to build an experience that provides exactly what you need so that you feel awesome, succeed and thrive. Book a trial Executive Coaching session now.



Challenge Your Assumptions. Reduce Stress. Remove Blocks. Scale Your Growth.

As a highly experienced international entrepreneur and coach, Natalia is deeply passionate about helping founders, co-founders and their teams to succeed. She has been a co-founder and founder of numerous startups in several industries including a successful scale-up and exit. She knows how to help you focus on what's important so that your business thrives while you get your life back. Book a trial Coaching Session today to learn more.



Get Refreshed. Get Recharged. Live the Life of your Dreams.

Committed to helping others to achieve new levels of wellbeing and performance, Natalia knows how to help you get a fresh look at what's really happening in your life. She helps you to increase your energy and unleash your creativity and impact. Book a trial Life Coaching session now.



Meaningful. Provokative. Refreshing. Inspiring. Memorable.

Natalia is an experienced speaker who knows how to captivate the audience. She delivers a memorable experience which provokes new ways of looking at work, conflict, change, resistance, politics, women and power. To learn more, book your Keynote Speaking Consultation.




Natalia is a natural, courageous, dynamic leader which has the ability to inspire others around her... She possesses an uncommonly sharp intellect which in combination with her outstanding focus and strategic thinking makes her a world class leader who accelerates the success of any business operation.


Natalia supported me as a mentor for personal development, as well as a coach for business challenges. I highly appreciate her flexible approach and her experience resulting from her work in different countries and organisations. No matter how complex you think your business is, Natalia will guide you through overcoming the challenges ahead of you.


Natalia's  Laboratory for Women in Management was a real break through the classical norms and giving the participants the chance to see the challenges and the solutions for a successful 21st Century Manager via their own personal prism and expertise.


Natalia has been my mentor and coach and helped me during many transitions at work. She is someone I will always turn to for advice as she truly cares and has the right business acumen and skills to develop each individual with the right potential.



Zurich, Switzerland

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