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Harnessing the transformative power
of Systemic Constellations
to create the con
ditions for you
to access your highest wisdom
and unlock your Human Advantage,
enabling you to live a healthy,
prosperous, joyful, and impactful life.



what is this a doorway to?


your concerns

Chronic health and money issues, persistent relationship or career challenges, dealing with the complexities associated with belonging to human systems, or dealing with life's changes in general.

my gifts

Extensive experience, competencies and wisdom in facilitating personal and collective development, and in creating positive change and impact - all deeply enriched by the transformational capacity and profound wisdom of Family and Systemic Constellations, and my heart-centered approach.

your benefits

Learning how to make the most of your highest wisdom so that you live a healthy, prosperous, joyful, and impactful life, and ultimately, how to unleash your unique Human Advantage and access your highest wisdom for an era defined by AI and machines.


would you like to ...?

stop being triggered and as if pulled by invisible hands, and rediscover the gift of emotions;

get rid of what keeps you stuck and lessens your overall joy, prosperity, wellbeing;

get back your authentic voice, get autonomous when belonging to systems, foster change;

integrate your intuition, inspiration, and wisdom
- your competitive advantages for this era.

These are my dreams for you, my gifts, and the focus of my work- now your opportunity.

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how can I support you...?


Individual Shifts

These one-on-one and group sessions are designed to help you with chronic health and money issues, persistent relationship and career challenges, as well as with life's changes in general, and the complexities associated with belonging to human systems.

Collective Shifts

Focused on examining the dynamics and relationships in human systems in so that you deepen your understanding of complex issues, explore the interconnectedness and relationships between systems and stakeholders, find novel solutions.

Readers' Corner

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what do others say about me?



"The session helped me recognize where I was blocked..., understand the path to follow to attract money without losing the purpose in my life."- Entrepreneur, Spain


"I am so grateful! Words fail me! I felt a new connection to myself, others and Nature in ways that were magic, beautiful and hopeful." - Management Consultant, USA


"No matter how complex you think your case is, Natalia will guide you through overcoming the challenges ahead of you." - Startup Leader, Switzerland


"I was dealing with a challenge that seemed overwhelming and impossible to overcome. The session enabled me to connect to the essence- as if all the noise cleared, and I could see the nature of the problem." - Leader, Bulgaria


"I knew there's more to my chronic condition, but I never realized until now the layers of hidden dynamics, and the related pathways to recovery." - Coach, Switzerland


"Wow, what a great enlightening session... I find it incredible that there is this field of consciousness where we can all tap into, and learn so much." - Truth Seeker, Japan


"Natalia helped us see underlying dynamics that were not visible to us before. Once that happened, as if magically our next choices became clear." Co-founders, SEE


"Natalia is living proof that the leaders of the new world emerging are those who bring others together to reconcile the past and create a new paradigm for supporting one another. Brilliant!" - Musician, USA


methods & modalities



​​Systemic coaching is a transformational approach that considers the person and their issue within the context of the systems they operate in - family, organizations, communities, and other social and cultural systems. It is based on the idea that the real sources of stuckness or conflict experienced by individuals or groups are the results of underlying repeating patterns, invisible loyalties and dynamics.



Family Constellations is a type of Systemic Constellation that explores hidden family dynamics impacting one's life. These are the first type of Systemic Constellations initially developed by Bert Hellinger. Using this method, we uncover systemic patterns in the family system. Insights gained help resolve issues, heal relationships, and promote personal growth in areas like health, prosperity, and overall, we bring back easiness and the joy of life. This method allows us to delve into the profound influence of familial bonds on individual well-being and prosperity. It fosters new ways of knowing, understanding leading to harmony and transformation.



Systemic Constellations are practical interventions we use which bring otherwise invisible patterns, loyalties and dynamics to light.

To do that, we set up a physical representation of the system and the issue using people or objects. ​

We quiet the brain and the mouth, and connect to our heart. We tap into a deeper and new ways of knowing without thinking. 



Business Constellations are a type of Systemic Constellation focused on our work and career, or on our business. Using the method, we reveal hidden dynamics and issues affecting our success and the flow of money and abundance. It is also invaluable resource when making choices or dealing with repetitive conflict or other repetitive issues. By visualizing systemic relationships, we get to a new level of knowing when it comes to business and organizational complexities and human relationships. This new way of knowing fosters harmony and ultimately leads to easiness, success, prosperity and abundance.


Unleashing your Human Advantage for an era dominated by AI and machines by tapping into new ways of knowing, deepening your connectedness, and awakening your human powers.

Individual & Family Constellations | Business Constellations | Societal Constellations 

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