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Experienced in Times of Profound Change and Deep Transformations. 
Hardwired with Versatile Expertise and Knowledge. 

Working with Integrity, Intuition and Inspiration 


I am grateful to my mother and father for giving me life, supporting me, and enriching my life in more ways than I would ever be able to express. Their intelligence, courage, strength, and work ethic will always be with me. I thank them and all my ancestors for all they have given me and for whom I have become.


I have lived my life in times and diverse places characterized by fundamental changes, disruption, uncertainty, and profound personal, organizational and societal transformations. 

I was born in Bulgaria (Eastern Europe) and I have lived through the transition from a planned to market economy and from communism to capitalism. Having experienced these profound changes firsthand makes it easier for me to see through the multiple layers of stories our societies are built upon, and I will always be grateful for that. These times also taught me valuable lessons about living in times of changes, transformation and disruption.


Having lived in five European countries and worked in an American, Canadian and global, as well as West-European and East European organizational environments has allowed me to appreciate my roots but has also given me the wings to move beyound the limits of my own tribe. I consider that exposure to diversity of people, cultures and societies, alongside with the rich heritage of my ancestors, to be at the core of who I am today.


My experience spans the usual borders and limitations. It includes several industries (management consulting, residential and commercial real estate, publishing, hospitality, education, NGOs, communities) and all types of organizations (start-ups, scale-up, global MNC, NGOs, grass-root movements, and communities). 


My formal education includes an Executive MBA from CIty University in Seattle, USA and a Master in Automatics Degree from the Technical University in Sofia, Bulgaria.

My professional certifications include Certifed Management Consultant, Certified Professional in Learning and Peformance, Customer and Employee Loyalty Cetification, and Leadership, Culture & Values Certification with the Barrett Values Centre.

My teachers in Family and Systemic Constellations are:
- Martijn Meima, a leading European Business Intuition expert and trainer based in the Netherlands, and 
- Marina Toledo, a leading international Family Constellations trainer and practitioner, student of Bert Hellinger, and Founder of the Hellinger Institute in Canada.

I will always be grateful to both of them for their wisdom and for sharing their gifts and experience with me.


I'm hardwired with versatile and unique expertise which includes: Systemic Constellations | Adult Learning & Development | Facilitation & Coaching | Change Management | Cultural Transformation | Leadership Development | Talent Development | Life Skills | Women Leaders | Wellbeing | Gender, Cultural & Generational Diversity | Communication & Impact | Multicultural Intelligence |  Organizational Restructuring | Future of Work Fitness | Executive & Operational Management | Residential & Commercial Real Estate | Property Management | Engineering & Automatics


My unique way of delivering value is to combine my heritige, experience, education and expertise with integrity, inspiration, intuition,  along a "truth to bullshit" approach and a "focus on beauty and love".

I am fascinated with the magic role of intuition and inspiration in my life, and I love it when things happen as if magically "through me" and "as me", as opposed to "by me" and "to me".

That feels like surrendering to beauty and love and consciously removing any obstacles on the way. I call that the journey From Scared to Sacred.


I know that the world will be a better place if we change focus from what we try to avoid to what we want to bring into reality.

I know that by learning to hold opposite perspectives, we can find fresh solutions to our toughest challenges and foster our most profound creations.

I know also that when we connect heart-to-heart, we discover our shared humanity, as well as novel possibilities and meaning. 

And last, to live well and be proud of our lives, as well as in order to remain relevant in this technology and AI-dominated era, we need to keep deepening our understanding of "what is" by looking for ways to tap into our innate wisdom and the essence of life. Also, we have to consciously participate in shaping our future by actualizing a new way of living in everything we do.




The More Beautiful World

The more beautiful world my heart knows is possible is a world with a lot more pleasure: a lot more touch, a lot more lovemaking, a lot more hugging, a lot more deep gazing into each other’s eyes, a lot more fresh-ground tortillas and just-harvested tomatoes still warm from the sun, a lot more singing, a lot more dancing, a lot more timelessness, a lot more beauty in the built environment, a lot more pristine views, a lot more water fresh from the spring. Have you ever tasted real water, springing from the earth after a twenty-year journey through the mountain? None of these pleasures is very far away. None requires any new inventions, nor the subservience of the many to the few. Yet our society is destitute of them all. Our wealth, so-called, is a veil for our poverty, a substitute for what is missing. Because it cannot meet most of our true needs, it is an addictive substitute. No amount can ever be enough. Many of us already see through the superficial substitute pleasures we are offered. They are boring to us, or even revolting. We needn’t sacrifice pleasure to reject them. We need only sacrifice the habit, deeply ingrained, of choosing a lesser pleasure over a greater.



IIn a world of disconnectedness and polarization driven by the stories we create, we are called in to seek the essence beyond the limitations of these stories. 


In a world dominated by technology and AI, we are called in to access and unleash our sacred human powers and talents. 
To do that, join me on this sacred journey! 


Access and unleash your sacred talents, learn to listen with your heart, think on your feet, speak truth to bullshit, and act sacred, not scared.


Ultimately, all that is about bringing back health, wellbeing, joy, easiness and prosperity in your life."

Natalia Blagoeva, Zurich- Switzerland

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