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one-on-one sessions


before the session

The process starts when you pay the fee and answer a questionnaire. Filling it in advance gives you a chance to reflect. Also, it is an opportunity for me to prepare. Ultimately, that leaves the time of the session for the intuitive work. 

during the session

The online session lasts 90 to 120 min.
We dethrone for a little bit our mind as the only source of solutions and we tap into deeper knowing without thinking.
That initiates a shift in energy and a new beginning.

after the session

You receive by email personalized guidelines for rituals or exercises you need to do to complete the work we've done together during the session. That work is an integral part of the process.

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join me on

a sacred journey

learn how to make the most

of your highest wisdom

to live a healthy, prosperous,

joyful, and impactful life.


themes we may tackle 

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Reconnecting to the essense and getting clarity on the next steps of your journey (personally or professionally).

Systemic Constellations with Natalia Blagoeva


Making progress when stuck in drama, persistent challenges, or being easily triggered in a personal or group setting.



Reestablishing healthier relationships with money, authority, power, proactiveness and success.

Systemic Constellations with Natalia Blagoeva


Working with chronic health issues or lack of energy with a focus on getting back your  health, balance, zest for life.

Systemic Constellations with Natalia Blagoeva


Making progress by bringing clarity to complex, multilayered and difficult to understand personal or professional context.

White Sand and Stone_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Reestablishing healthier relations with self, with others, the human systems you belong to, and with te rest of Nature.

Decorative Objects _edited_edited.jpg


Getting new perspectives on personal or professional choices and getting empowered to make the choice that feels right.

Fascinated by the exterior, I went into the tower to capture the spiralling nature of the stairs_edi


Getting to the heart of personal or organizational transformation and change, whispering change in being, and dancing with it with ease.


usual outcomes



Achieve a significant breakthrough and shift difficult relations and/or persistent challenges.



Deepen your understanding of yourself and the systems you belong to  by making invisible dynamics and patterns visible.


Find healthier and life-affirming ways of joining, belonging and leaving systems you're part of personally or professionally.


Tap into your intuition and inspiration to make way wiser and out-of-the-box personal and professional decisions.

Filtered Concrete Building
Filtered Concrete Building

Connecting to our highest wisdom, and getting into

a state of deeper knowing, along with accepting "what is", 
opens new perspectives, initiates a shift in energy,

and initiates a new beginning.


The very things that try to block us or enslave us, 

make up our unique journey, contribution and legacy. 


We tap into the essence. That in itself brings clarity which has the power to touch, shift and transform.


We develop the capacity to listen with our heart, think on our feet, speak truth to bullshit, and act sacred, not scared.


We bring health, joy, easiness and prosperity back in our lives.


highlighted testimonials



I came to Natalia because I needed help preparing for a grant presentation and dealing with my anxiety in this context. Her approach starts with the source of the issue, and I think this makes the main difference. I did not only learn to present myself better and deal with my presentation anxiety, but it also had a positive impact on my personal life, such as dealing with close family members better and losing some fears I had for more than 20 years. I never expected this to happen when going into this experience, and I am so grateful to Natalia for everything she taught me.


Wow, what a great enlightening session it was I had with you Natalia today. I had been struggling trying to figure out what it is that I am supposed to learn when I am confronted with my mother in her challenging health condition at the moment... but all what I learned with you during the session today fell naturally into its place inside of me and made so much sense!... Thank you so much Natalia for ... this precious experience and I look forward to joining you somewhere again in the future!


Natalia has a masterful presence and brings to bear her experience across multiple disciplines. I have so much respect for this woman! Natalia has shown that she is not afraid to question conventions and attitudes but is also courageous enough to lead ... into conversations and sharing that open us to discover the origins of our own unconscious resistance and in doing so, guide us into more authentic alignment.


​The experience of looking into money and prosperity felt like getting to know "the good", "the wrong" and "the honest". At the beginning I was surprised how "running away from money" was obviously represented in my set of personal values. Looking deeper into my relationship (!) with money allowed me to make a choice about what relationship I want truly to have with it. The experence with Natalia helped me see clearly important dynamics. The gentle way that Natalia leads ... helped me to open towards the desired change.


...The experience has helped me to resolve situations for which I had no explanation or answers... Natalia... is like the vehicle channeling the energies, asking perfect questions at the right time, making comments, facilitating different perspectives, and innovative solutions... I totally recommend Natalia to guide anyone who wants to unlock their potential to create abundance for themselves, for others and creating more good for all.


Natalia supported me as a mentor for personal development, as well as a coach for business challenges. I highly appreciate her flexible approach and her experience resulting from her work in different countries and organizations. No matter how complex you think your business is, Natalia will guide you through overcoming the challenges ahead of you.


signing up

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200 CHF for a one-on-one session

Consequent work: 100 CHF per hour


180 CHF for 3 x 90 min group sessions 

80 USD for an annual subscription to my paid Substack newsletter (app. 70 CHF)

 CHF for a package including one-on-one session and an annual subscription. 
(app. 13% Savings)
359 CHF for a package deal including all three services.
(app. 20% Savings)


  • The fees are payable in advance through PayPal. Click here to pay or contact me if you are interested in a bank transfer.

  • The facilitator retains the right to cancel sessions, as well as revoke individual participation. In any such case all remaining funds will be reimbursed.


You need to fill in the provided questionnaire minimum 48 hours prior to the session unless otherwise agreed.


Sessions are online and fully experiential. You need to be present with your camera switched on for the whole duration.

For optimum results, you need to follow up with the additional guidelines and exercises provided after the session.

For information on group sessions, click here.

transfer & guarantee

  • Payments are non-refundable but can be transferred to another date not later than 1 day before the session. For information on group sessions, click here.

  • If you participate in good faith in the whole process including the follow up work, and you still find yourself fully dissatisfied, you are entitled to a 100% money-back guarantee.

Unleashing your Human Advantage for an era dominated by AI and machines by tapping into new ways of knowing, deepening your connectedness, and awakening your human powers.

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