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Unleashing Your Human Advantage for an Era Dominated by AI & Machines

a journey which
feels like Joy

looks like Beauty
sounds like Truth

appears as Magic

and manifests Love


I am currently conducting one-on-one interviews with a diverse pool of people.

Are you interested to take part? 

You decide what's on the record and what's your confidential contribution towards deepening our understanding of the life-long quest from scared to sacred, from fear to love. A quest that may have been optional for the last couple of generations of our ancestors but has become mandatory for anyone who wants to not just remain relevant but also to thrive in an era dominated by AI and machines.

Thanks for submitting!


Here is a description of the journey from scared to sacred, the way I see it today.

The Nature of Scared


Living with fear, limiting beliefs or trauma can manifest itself in multiple ways- it may look either like failure, or like success, and it may feel like being numb, empty, angry, stuck, paralysed, depressed or hurt, and that’s just to name a few. Whichever it is, in that state:

- We may mistake socially-expected standards for our own values

- We may mistake trauma and instincts for intuition

- We mix moments of pleasure with true joy or inspiration

- We get triggered as if pulled by invisible hands

- We perceive the world as a “win-lose” relationship

- We may mix the sacredness of work with workaholism 

- And we get caught up in other addictions.

That makes us hide aspects of ourselves. We might not do what we know is the right thing to do, convinced it can't be done or it’s not worth it. We may also find it hard to tell a lie from the truth. 

What often starts as a self-preservation then kills our spirit due to a misalignment of our head, hands and heart.

In that state our head cannot grasp the context of what’s happening in the world today; our hands are stuck in a perceived lack of choice keeping us in lives we don't cherish; our heart feels disconnected from other people and from Nature. 

In that state we knowingly or unknowingly contribute to making the world the way it is today by either how we act or not act.

Making Friends with Fear


We start seeing ourselves and the world around us with new eyes.

Making friends with fear, questioning limiting beliefs and integrating and healing trauma feels like coming home after a long journey and:
- taking a deep breath of relief. 
- getting a new pair of glasses and seeing things that were always there but we could not see them before. 
- getting a pair of wings allowing us new levels of movement and freedom. 
- acquiring a renewed sense of creativity and joy
- feeling supported without even asking. 

That looks like magic and feels like  Goosebumps. 

Once we feel the freedom, the insights, and the joy, we want it again and again and we are ready to give away some of that false identity, and some of those convictions.
- The desire to seek safety gets exchanged with courage. 
- Blame, righteousness, and judgmentalism get exchanged with curiosity. 
- Cynicism, numbness, anger, and despair get exchanged with hope, creativity, and compassion. 

We are now filled with a sense of clarity and connectedness to each other and to something bigger. 

The Nature of Sacred


We now show up in the world differently

- We see things as more complex but friendlier, and enjoy a deepened sense of what's needed, and that comes with a new level of trust and inspiration. 
- We feel less trapped and we keep evolving and growing. 
- We reconnect to our intuition and to what inspires us, and they become the beams that light our way. 
- We feel liberated, light, loved, loving, and powerful, and we now use that love and power in service to others. 

That state of reawakening and extra energy puts us right at the cutting edge of evolution. 

We now show up every day in our families, in our work, and in our communities in new ways that contribute to human flourishing and prosperity.

We know now- with every step we take, we make the world a better and more beautiful place.

Our heads, hearts and hands are aligned now. We don't feel separated; we feel part of the bigger web of life. We have a sense of clarity, we can tell the truth from a lie and we don’t need to hide.  We know how to take care of our needs and we keep growing, but we also have extra energy to invest into change and transformation. We now have integrated LOVE as the highest form of energy with POWER as the energy needed for activation, emergence, creation, life.

That feels awesome but we know also that it is a life-long quest. That quest calls us to heal and awaken, but also to discover a fresh new meaning in the scars we’ve acquired along the way. These scars uniquely shape the way in which we show up in the world today. They are the cracks through which our light shines and shapes our legacy.

We also know now that we need to connect to kindred spirits and organisations to support ourselves and each other, and to act from that place of togetherness building the new organisations and new systems that can support us in not just remaining relevant but also in thriving in an era dominated by AI and machines. 

We know now that this quest from scared to sacred should not be walked alone. It is more meaningful, more impactful and lighter when we do it together.

Unleashing your Human Advantage for an era dominated by AI and machines by tapping into new ways of knowing, deepening your connectedness, and awakening your human powers.

Individual & Family Constellations | Business Constellations | Societal Constellations 

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