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What is a Family Constellation?

Updated: Apr 11, 2023


According to recent studies quoted by the HeartMath Institute, the heart appears to receive and respond to intuitive information and is constantly processing and decoding this information and sending it to the mind and brain.

In fact, that's nothing new for us. We’ve always known to listen to our hearts when making decisions about things that matter. We are also learning to listen to our hearts when things are too complex to make sense of. Yet, being as busy and committed as we are in pursuit of our dreams and our everyday lives, we often do not hear these subtle whispers of our hearts.

Using the methods of Family and Systemic Constellation we amplify these whispers, become aware of "what is" and create the conditions to discover and pursue new solutions that would not have been available otherwise.

Family constellations in brief

Family constellations is a systemic approach used to explore and resolve issues whose origin is in the families' systems. The basic premise of family constellations is that every family has a hidden dynamic or system that can influence the thoughts, behaviors, and emotions of its members. These dynamics may be shaped by past experiences, unresolved conflicts, or hidden loyalties that were passed down through generations.

The method was first developed by Bert Hellinger- a German psychotherapist, widely recognized as the founder of family constellations. Hellinger's approach was influenced by his experiences as a missionary and teacher in South Africa, where he observed the complex dynamics within families and communities. He also drew inspiration from a variety of other sources, including indigenous African traditions, existential philosophy, and systems theory. Hellinger's work has been recognized and embraced by many, his contributions have had a significant impact, and his work continues to be studied and practiced by many practitioners around the world.

What happens during a session?

During the session, for a moment, we dethrone our rational mind as the only source for problem-solving, creativity, innovation and meaning-making. By doing that we will circumvent the old "maps" and the old narratives we use to orient ourselves. Why? Because in these new times they do not serve us well and cause us to misinterpret things or even blind us to what’s significant.

During a session, we get empowered to connect to our sacred gift- our Intuition. We tap into a deeper knowing without thinking. That brings clarity which has the power to touch, shift and transform. It initiates a shift in energy and a new beginning.

More specifically, during a family constellation session, we represent the family system, using either people as represetatives or physical objects or other means to represent family members and their relationships.

Through this process, hidden dynamics and relationships within the family system are revealed, allowing the client to gain insight into the root causes of their issues. The facilittor may then guide the person through a series of exercises or visualizations to help them gain deeper awareness of what is and potentially resolve these issues and develop a greater sense of peace and harmony within the family system.

Family constellations can be used to address a wide range of issues, including issues related to money, prosperity nd abundance, health and wellbeing, relationship problems, and emotional trauma. It can also be used to explore family patterns and dynamics that may be affecting multiple generations.

Many individuals have reported positive outcomes from family constellationss, including greater self-awareness, improved relationships, and a greater sense of inner peace. Many individuals have found this method to be transformative and empowering.

Contact me to schedule a session.

With love, Natalia Blagoeva

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