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On Leadership as Awakening, Healing/Integration, Disruption, Speaking Truth to Bullshit & Activation

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

I like the definition of Diana Chapman of leadership as “anyone who wants to take responsibility for their influence in the world” and for me, this includes among other things realizing our responsibility:

  • TO BE AWAKE and to keep deepening our understanding of reality because when we do not consciously keep updating our map of reality, someone else does it for us, and they do that with skill. We need to keep looking for ways to make the invisible visible (hence my affection with Systemic Constellations) because everything that remains unseen gains power. On the other hand, change gets initiated almost automatically once we become aware of things.

  • TO HEAL (INTEGRATE) because only when we heal, we can live life fully and make the most of our life, but also because every act of healing, large or small, contributes to healing the larger whole. Here again, Systemic Constellations come handy. Furthermore, in my experience with Constellations, healing often is about integration of everything we have been separated from- usually, our spirituality, our connectedness with each other and with Nature.

  • TO FALL IN LOVE WITH DISRUPTION because if we do not like disruption, we are in fact saying “No” to growth and learning. We cannot experience love if we are scared of being heartbroken just as we cannot experience collaboration if we are scared of disagreement and confrontation, and we cannot learn if we are not ready to let go of some knowledge which does not serve us anymore. That relates also to the damaging effects of toxic positivity which pollutes from all Social media.

  • TO SPEAK TRUTH TO BULLSHIT and appreciate controversy and “speaking with the enemy” as an opportunity to explore, learn and unlearn, and expand. Instead, in the last years we keep turning into taboo more and more controversial words, topics and conversations and that is a huge hit to freedom of speech and the growth of humanity as a whole. That relates to our desire to be politically correct and in agreement with the socially accepted rules.

  • TO GET ACTIVATED and understand our role in co-creating the world we live in with every single act. Whether we do that or not, we contribute equally either in supporting the status quo through inaction or building the more beautiful world our hearts long for through co-creation.

Overall, we need to stop making big plans, overthinking, expecting or blaming, looking up to great leaders and great institutions, and idealizing solutions. Instead, we need to remain: HUMBLE enough to be aware of our own insignificance, WISE enough to understand our own impact and the impact of the systems we are part of, COURAGEOUS enough to see and accept "what is" and imagine what we want, RESILIENT enough to show up in the world every single day in a way that nurtures life.

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