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Anonymity, Intellectual Consumerism & Disconnectedness

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

With the increased number of webinars and online events, many people have gotten into the habits of jumping from one place to the next, checking if something is interesting and then switching off. I do that myself sometimes as well if I genuinely do not know if the content is right for me or if I am calling in from a place where I can only listen at the moment. So, I get it and it is actually wonderful that we can do that.

However, there is something bigger here that concerns me and that is the disengaged way in which we feel we can come in, consume something and leave.

Can you imagine going into an offline event, coming in, not saying hi to anybody, maybe even using a false name, hiding your face behind a mask and a hat, consuming something and leaving without saying thank you and good bye?

Sometimes the consuming part is actually very big because we would come in, make screenshots to copy someone else’s work without their permission and then reproduce it in our work without mentioning them.

For me this symbolizes consumerism and disconnectedness at its worst, so I was wondering how you feel about that.

Question: How would our lives change if we commit radically to authentic presence over anonymous absencing, balance of give and take over intellectual consumerism, and heart-centeredness over disconnectedness?

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