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Societal, Community and Business Systemic Constellations

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Systemic Constellations


Societal systemic constellations are a way of gaining deeper understanding of "what is" and exploring complex systems and relationships in society. Such renewed deeper awareness of relationships and interconnections has the power to touch, shift and transform. That helps identify new solutions to systemic issues and create positive shifts in society.

Systemic Constellations


Communities are essential for creating a better future for all. By using Systemic Constellations they can identify hidden dynamics and underlying causes of problems, and bring to light the perspectives of different parts of the community. This deepened awareness of "what is" helps discover and foster wiser and inclusive alternatives for the way forward and supports positive shifts.

Systemic Constellations


Systemic Constellations help groups and organizations improve performance, promote positive change, and build a more inclusive and supportive organizational culture by bringing to the surface underlying issues and understanding their true nature. Such deepend understanding fosters novel solutions and provokes positive change and transformation.

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Natalia Blagoeva - The Human Advantage

Systemic Constellations provide a holistic perspective and help us move beyound the limitations of the stories we listen to and tell, and the biases we have.

By examining the underlying systemic dynamics and relationships, we deepen our understanding of complex issues and explore the interconnectiolns and relationships between different systems and stakeholders.

Through the insights gained from systemic constellations, individuals and collectives can identify novel potential solutions and opportunities.

Finally, that facilitates renewed energy for collective action and effective collaboration, and create positive shifts towards a more prosperous and resilient future.

Natalia Blagoeva

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Community & Societal SYstemic Constellations

I’ve been with Natalia for about six Constellations and each one has caught me a little by surprise. There’s a clear and undiluted welcome for the work and for whomever shows up. I love the deep capacity of the group to hold collective values with a desire to optimize for the good of team human. Questions are brought, maybe a story opens into…..and then…a sort of shift.  A quiescence? Some kind of "new information" that lays ground for the wandering. That’s where I notice a gentle graciousness in Natalia, a care and kindness in her facilitation. She seems comfortable with both the silence and the deluge of energy, ideas, topics which, however disparate or similar, find a place in the place-less-ness of the field we share. I’m almost positive that our cartwheels across the screen delight her….but only every time! And each time, I think:  ‘wow, it’s just pure love.'

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Community & Societal Systemic Constellations

Natalia! Thank you! You are an excellent facilitator and I am very much looking forward to more constellations with you... The constellation was so clear, potent, so healing, and moving... You are offering a great service to humanity, Natalia. Unearthing, and allowing to move and evolve, that which is hidden, disowned, discarded, or rejected in the Field is absolutely needed here, in my opinion... Your work is 100% integrous and you are a master facilitator.

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Community & Societal Constellations

I had the privilege to participate in constellation groups facilitated by Natalia. They were amazing and fulfilled a deep longing of my Soul's to participate, in a constructive and meaningful way, in healing our world and all of us in it, and to participate in the awakening of awareness that comes from that work. Natalia is a wonderful facilitator.  I appreciated her deep experience with and trust of constellation work and her grounded and steady presence and guidance. Because of her leadership, I was able to move beyond my insecurity and doubt about my ability to participate and into positive expectation of what might be revealed. Thank you, Natalia. I am so grateful for the work we did and look forward to more!



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Organizational Constellation

Doing a constellation with Natalia was magical and profound in more ways than one. I was dealing with a challenge that seemed overwhelming and impossible to overcome. My usual ways of making decisions seemed insufficient, and I kept moving in circles without being able to make progress. The constellations we did with Natalia enabled me to connect to the essence. It felt as if all the noise cleared, and I could see the nature of the problem. That's where Natalia gently lead me, and I felt a burden falling off my shoulders, alongside with undeniable clarity of what I need to do next. I highly recommend Natalia and I hope you will have the chance to experience the benefits of working with her.

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Organizational Constellation & Systemic Coaching

When we contacted Natalia, we were pretty focused on resolving a particular set of business challenges in our start-up. Natalia asked us different questions and listened. Then she lead us through a process that completely reframed the matter at hand. We saw underlying dynamics that were not visible to us before. Once that happened, as if magically our next steps became clear.

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Systemic Coaching & Mentoring

Natalia supported me as a mentor for personal development, as well as a coach for business challenges. I highly appreciate her flexible approach and her experience resulting from her work in different countries and organizations. No matter how complex you think your business is, Natalia will guide you through overcoming the challenges ahead of you.


Supporting you to thrive in an era dominated by AI and machines by unleashing
your sacred human powers and talents-
your Human Advantage.

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