Systemic Constellations with Natalia Blagoeva




I have lived my life in times and diverse places characterized by fundamental changes, disruption, uncertainty, and profound personal, organizational and societal transformations.

My experience spans several industries (management consulting, residential and commercial real estate, publishing, hospitality, education, NGOs, communities) and all types of organizations (start-ups, scale-up, global MNC, NGOs, grass-root movements, and communities). 


Having lived in five countries and worked in different industries, I'm hardwired with versatile and unique expertise that spans the usual borders and limitations.

My expertise includes Systemic Constellations | Training | Facilitation & Coaching | Change Management | Cultural Transformation | Leadership Development | Talent Development | Women Leaders | Wellbeing | Gender, Cultural & Generational Diversity | Communication & Impact | Multicultural Intelligence |  Organizational Restructuring | Future of Work Fitness | Executive & Operational Management | Residential & Commercial Real Estate 

My education includes MBA and M.Eng. Degrees, as well as CMC, CPLP and Leadership, Culture & Values Certifications.


My unique way of delivering value is to combine that experience and expertise with integrity, inspiration, intuition,  and a "truth to bullshit" approach.

I am fascinated with the magic role of intuition and inspiration in my life, and I love it when things happen as if magically "through me" and "as me", as opposed to "by me" and "to me".


I know that the world will be a better place if we change focus from what we try to avoid to what we want to bring into reality.

I know that by learning to hold opposite perspectives, we can find fresh solutions to our toughest challenges. 

I know also that when we connect heart-to-heart, we discover our shared humanity, as well as novel possibilities and meaning. 

And last, to live well and be proud of our lives, we need to keep deepening our understanding of "what is", look for ways to tap into our innate wisdom and the essence of life, and consciously participate in shaping our own future. 

Systemic Constellations


In the words of people who have experienced my work.


Natalia! Thank you! You are an excellent facilitator and I am very much looking forward to more constellations with you... The constellation was so clear, potent, so healing, and moving... You are offering a great service to humanity, Natalia. Unearthing, and allowing to move and evolve, that which is hidden, disowned, discarded, or rejected in the Field is absolutely needed here, in my opinion. A blind constellation directly on the matter is a wonderful gift that I absolutely entrust you to facilitate. Your work is 100% integrous and you are a master facilitator.

Writer and Energy Intuitive. Northern California





The More Beautiful World

The more beautiful world my heart knows is possible is a world with a lot more pleasure: a lot more touch, a lot more lovemaking, a lot more hugging, a lot more deep gazing into each other’s eyes, a lot more fresh-ground tortillas and just-harvested tomatoes still warm from the sun, a lot more singing, a lot more dancing, a lot more timelessness, a lot more beauty in the built environment, a lot more pristine views, a lot more water fresh from the spring. Have you ever tasted real water, springing from the earth after a twenty-year journey through the mountain? None of these pleasures is very far away. None requires any new inventions, nor the subservience of the many to the few. Yet our society is destitute of them all. Our wealth, so-called, is a veil for our poverty, a substitute for what is missing. Because it cannot meet most of our true needs, it is an addictive substitute. No amount can ever be enough. Many of us already see through the superficial substitute pleasures we are offered. They are boring to us, or even revolting. We needn’t sacrifice pleasure to reject them. We need only sacrifice the habit, deeply ingrained, of choosing a lesser pleasure over a greater.



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