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SYSTEMIC CONSTELLATIONS: Deepen understanding of reality, self and others, make the invisible visible, and realize personal and team systemic shifts.

We’ve always known to listen to our hearts when making decisions about things that matter. We are also learning to listen to our intuition when things are too complex to make sense of. 

The reality is that our intuition and inspiration tap into our highest form of intelligence and wisdom. Yet, being as busy as we are, we often do not hear these subtle whispers. 

Join these group sessions to experience the method of Systemic Constellations. Many leading businesses pioneered this method and confirmed its enduring benefits.

During the session, for a moment, we will dethrone our rational mind as the only source for problem-solving, creativity, and innovation. We will also circumvent language and our desire to have a name for everything. By doing that, we will:

  • Amplify the whispers of our hearts and tap into our intuition.

  • Raise our awareness and get an overview of the current situation as it is. 

  • Make subconscious dynamics and patterns visible and conscious.  

  • Get supported in making wiser personal and professional decisions after having explored what is. 


COACHING & MENTORING: Challenge Your Assumptions. Reduce Stress. Remove Blocks. Get Refreshed and Recharged. Scale Impact.

As a highly experienced entrepreneur, executive, changemaker, mentor, and coach, I am deeply passionate about supporting changemakers, young people, womenpreneurs, and people in career transition. I have been a co-founder and C-level executive of numerous startups in several industries including a successful scale-up and exit. I have also been part of numerous initiatives as a founder and a changemaker. I have lived and worked in five different countries and I consider this exposure to different cultures and ways of working to be key for my path.

Today, I am committed to helping others to achieve new levels of wellbeing, prosperity, and impact, deepen their understanding of reality and consciously participate in shaping their own future. Using my versatile experience and expertise, as well as my strong intuition, I know how to help you get a fresh look at what's really happening in your life. I will help you to overcome blockages, get a fresh look at your challenges, increase your energy, and unleash your creativity and impact. I know also how to help you focus on what's important so that you and your work thrive while you get your life back.

Natalia Blagoeva


Experienced in Times of Change and Transformation. Hardwired with Expertise. 
Working with Love and Intuition. Creating Positive Impact.


I have lived my life in times and places characterized by fundamental change, multiple disruptions, uncertainty, and deep transformations.

Having lived and worked in five countries and different industries, I'm hardwired with versatile and unique expertise that spans the usual borders and limitations.

My unique way of delivering value is to combine that experience and expertise with love, inspiration, intuition, devotion, and a "truth to bullshit" approach.


My experience spans several industries (professional services, residential and commercial real estate, publishing, restaurant and hospitality, education, NGOs, communities) and all types of organizations (start-ups, scale-up, global MNC, NGOs, grass-root movements, and communities). 

My expertise includes Systemic Constellations | Facilitation & Coaching | Change Management | Cultural Transformation | Leadership Development | Talent Development | Women Leaders | Wellbeing | Gender, Cultural & Generational Diversity | Communication & Impact | Multicultural Intelligence |  Organisational Restructuring | Future of Work Fitness | Executive & Operational Management | Residential & Commercial Real Estate Rentals, Sales & Property Management



In the words of people who ave worked with me



Systemic Constellations

I have been in several constellations facilitated by Natalia, and there is always a magical connection between the participants. Whether I have been a "case-giver" or a representative, the experience has helped me to resolve situations for which I had no explanation or answers. You can feel Natalia's connection with everyone at all times. She is like the vehicle channeling the energies, asking perfect questions at the right time, making comments, facilitating different perspectives, and innovative solutions.


Systemic Constellations

In my experience, constellations are the fastest and most profound way to get a view on the current situation, make the subconscious conscious, and bring attention to possibilities and opportunities that were not visible until then. Natalia possesses strong intuition and has an innate talent to see things from new perspectives. That alongside her experience as a facilitator provides for a rich, meaningful, and transformational experience focused on reframing the challenge, sometimes healing, and always seeing completely new possibilities.


Coaching & Mentoring

I worked with Natalia in a moment of my life when I was making a career transition. I felt that she is trustworthy, has an in-depth understanding of organizations and people, and has a deeply intuitive approach. She asked me questions that helped me reframe my challenges. She understands very well people and organizational dynamics and came up with the right for me advice on my next steps.


Coaching & Mentoring

Natalia supported me as a mentor for personal development, as well as a coach for business challenges. I highly appreciate her flexible approach and her experience resulting from her work in different countries and organizations. No matter how complex you think your business is, Natalia will guide you through overcoming the challenges ahead of you.


Leadership Development

Natalia's  Laboratory for Women in Leadership was a real breakthrough the classical norms giving participants the chance to see the challenges and the solutions for a successful 21st Century Leader via their own personal prism and expertise.


Coaching & Mentoring

When we contacted Natalia, we were pretty focused on resolving a particular set of business challenges in our start-up. Natalia asked us different questions and listened. Then she came up with observations that completely reframed the matter at hand. She saw underlying dynamics that were not visible to us. Once we took care of them as if magically the answers to the business questions became clear.



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