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Individual, Family & Systemic Constellations

Natalia Blagoeva - The Human Advantage
Natalia Blagoeva - The Human Advantage

​I invite you to bring attention to your inner experience, the influence of the family and other systems you have been part of, your interconnectedness with others, and your relationships with abstract concepts like money, power, authority, time, choice, change, to name a few. 

In a world of separateness, disconnection and polarization driven by the stories we create, Family and Systemic Constellations offer us an opportunity to tap into the essence beyond the limitations of the stories.

That brings clarity which has the power to touch, shift and transform. We develop the capacity to listen with our heart, think on our feet, speak truth to bullshit, and act sacred, not scared.

Once we get a taste of "what is", we feel liberated to live life with much more ease and joy and we start making much wiser choices.​​

Natalia Blagoeva

More About The Series


focused on intergenerational patterns and dynamics and healing of trauma

By becoming aware and acknowledging the ways in which our family history and societal context affect us, we better understand our present-day experiences and relationships, gain insight into our identities, and explain our automatic behaviours and the hidden reasons behind our choices. Examining these intergenerational patterns and dynamics helps us appreciate the complexity and diversity of human experiences, frees us from unresolved trauma, unacknowledged losses, and unspoken secrets, and empowers us to consciously shape our own lives. In addition, it also has an impact on the larger society, touching all who share our identity or customs.



focused on health, healing, integration, and wellbeing.

We take  a holistic and relational approach to addressing challenges which means that we recognize that health is interconnected with various aspects of our life and nothing  happens in isolation. We become aware of hidden patterns and dynamics that contribute to illness, stress, or disbalance in us, as well as the emotional and energetic blockages, trauma and disconnectedness that are preventing us from achieving better health and wellbeing. We pinpoint factors that need to be transformed or integrated, and we identify the potential paths towards greater wellbeing. What we do is not instead of other approaches but in addition to them as it offers additional insights.



focused on money, success, prosperity, and abundance

Becoming aware of the limiting beliefs, hidden patterns and dynamics that restrict our capacity to experience abundance is a crucial step towards achieving greater success and manifesting abundance and prosperity in our lives. We begin by identifying and exploring the emotional and energetic blockages that may be holding us back and preventing us from achieving our goals. We also explore any hidden loyalties or attachments that we may have which may be standing on our way. By gaining such insight into these hidden dynamics and obstacles, we can begin to identify the key aspects that need to be transformed, integrated or released in order to achieve prosperity. That supports us as we implement the more practical and visible aspects of the journey towards greater prosperity.



focused on relationships and connectedness with each other, our teams, communities, and Nature.

According to the Kama Muta Lab, Kama Muta is “the sudden feeling of oneness, love, belonging, or union with an individual person, a family, a team, a nation, nature, the cosmos, God, or a kitten.

Many years ago, humans lived in deep communion with each other and Nature. They also were deeply connected to their inner light or soul. Fast forward to today, we find each other separated from each other, Nature, and in general, from the sacredness of life and the wisdom of our souls. That is why we focus on supporting us in reconnecting to ourselves, each other, Nature, and wisdom as part of our quest for well-being, prosperity, and change. We explore the nature of different elements and our relationship with them. We get unexpected perspectives and a sense of deeper knowing about each other and Nature, alongside a deeper appreciation for each one’s role in the larger ecosystem. 



focused on change, societal impact, emergence, and legacy.

By examining the underlying dynamics and systemic factors, we can identify hidden patterns and unconscious influences that may be impeding progress. Thus we gain insight into what needs to shift or change and we open ourselves towards new possibilities, patterns, or ways of being within the system. In general, we gain a deeper understanding of change, creation, and emergence and we learn to recognize the importance of working with the energy and movement of the system, rather than trying to control it or fix it. This opens us towards completely new ways of creating societal impact and enables us to progress towards a more desirable future.


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Family Constellation


Wow, what a great enlightening session it was I had with you Natalia today... I find it incredible that there is this field of consciousness where we can all tap into, and to learn so much about the questions we have in our personal lives as well as in collective experiences. This was my very first experience with constellation work and feel now really interested also in being able to play a role for others who are open to share this wonderful experience together. Thank you so much Natalia for your invitation to this precious experience and I look forward to joining you somewhere again in the future!

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Individual Family & Systemic Constellation


I have been in several constellations facilitated by Natalia, and there is always a magical connection between the participants. Whether I have been a "case-giver" or a representative, the experience has helped me to resolve situations for which I had no explanation or answers. You can feel Natalia's connection with everyone at all times. She is like the vehicle channeling the energies, asking perfect questions at the right time, making comments, facilitating different perspectives, and innovative solutions.
ck their potential to create abundance for themselves, for others and creating more good for all.

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Family Constellation


I enjoyed Natalia's straightforward acceptation of my words for the roles and in the roles. Her summing up between the turns surprised me, every now and then; it now comes back to my mind, all making simple truths ring loud and clear. Bringing Hellinger’s wisdom is serving me too. Her statement that we were doing “a lot” also surprised me. I now know what big meaningful work she meant! More than useful, it was the creation of a new embodied life, full of hope and respect. My heart beats fast as I write this.


Supporting you to thrive in an era dominated by AI and machines by unleashing
your sacred human powers and talents-
your Human Advantage.

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